keep lashes clean, clean lashes are Prettie Lashes!

Classic Lash Extensions

Our model lash application applying 1 lash to the natural lash creating a fuller look

Full Set / Prettie Glam

70-90 lashes per eye


Partial Set

60 lashes per eyelash


Mink upgrades

Mink lashes which is a lighter weight on the lash are available


Lash lift & Tint

Your natural lashes are permed into a curl to give the illusion of alift and when you add tint it gives you a mascara effect
mink lashes which is a lighter weight on the lash are available. Contact me NOW!.


Volume lashes

This application gives you a evenmore volumizing look with 2d-5d application..meaning the amount of lashes applied to each lash


Touch-Up Refills

Your lashes are maintained by having them filled from your natural lash cycle of losing lashes and shedding (it’s normal) fills are recomended at 2wks

2-3 Week

Removes unruly lashes and replaces lashes that have grown out


After Week 3

If more than 50% of lashes are gone a new set maybe required


About SMP

Our talented stylist specializes in short and sassy, edgy haircuts to long and luxurious added lengths. Healthy hair is top priority for her because healthy hair is the foundation for great style.

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