Would you like to have hair weave and are you looking for a salon or stylist in your area that offers this service? We offer hair extensions services at our Pineville location.

Extensions can be great protective styles to utilize any time of year. Whether you decided to wear long tresses or a curly mane this summer, your weave is an investment.

To Make Your Hair Weave Last Longer, Consider Wearing A Net

A net is a mesh protective covering, designed to protect your hair and help your stylist not sow into your braids. Ask your hairstylist about using a net. Different stylists have different opinions about using a net. We’ve outlined some below:

    Pros To Wearing A Net:

A net will help your weave last longer because it helps keep your braids in place.
It protects your natural hair from the weave itself, as your hairstylist doesn’t have to always sew into the braids.
It allows broken areas to grow because they will be totally covered.
A net allows the stylist to add more extensions to places where she did not braid, resulting in a fuller looking weave.

    Cons To Wearing A Net:

A net is super uncomfortable. You can’t get in there and scratch!
A net can make your weave feel tighter, especially in the beginning.
You do not have the ability to really wash your own hair, which is important for growth.
Talk to our hairstylist about your hair goals, and decide if wearing a net underneath your weave is best for you.