1f74a4_5c4a150f5c3344219ebe18ab60c4bb21Get to know your stylist: Mrs. Devon Crawford


She has been a licensed hairstylist for more that 15 years. She is a very versatile, fun, trendy and innovative hair stylist, who is very knowledgable within her craft. She is what some consider a multi-cultural hair stylist.

Our talented stylist specializes in short and sassy, edgy haircuts to long and luxurious added lengths. Healthy hair is top priority for her because healthy hair is the foundation for great style.

Devon also teaches the importance of maintaining professionalism, proper scheduling and maintaining consistency in the product line. She also attends hair sows and classes to keep her hairstyling current and to learn new techniques. As a professional, Devon’s goal is to fashionably service the needs of her clients, as well as educate them on maintaining the health of their hair.