We provide brow shaping service at our pineville location.

The best brow is tweezed. But wait! Put down those tweezers and back away! Doing your own eyebrows is like cutting your own hair. It’s probably not going to turn out quite right. Emphasis on the probably not! Women (and men) need to go and have it done professionally by someone who has an “eye” for your face type… your whole look.

Discovering your ideal brow shaping is a face-changer that not only defines your eyes, but also frames the entire face. It is a stunning transformation to have a perfectly shaped brow. If you’re unsure about where to start or are intimidated by taking matters into your own hands, this guide is perfect for you.

Whether your brows are in need of some grooming, tweezing or filling in, consider our pro insights and insider tips for how to masterfully shape your brows.
Which Brow Filler is Best?

With so many different brow-filling options available, how do you know which will work best for you? Here are some pointers that can help you decide…

Brow Powders (or powder eyeshadow in a shade that closely matches your brow color) are great for softly filling in brows. Choose a matte powder and apply with a wedge brush or a thin liner brush. Use short, light strokes between the brow hairs, and apply a bit more pressure (for stronger color) when defining the underside of the brow.

Eyebrow pencils offer the most precision but avoid those that produce a greasy, hard look or mat the brow hair. A pencil with a smooth, light texture and soft, dry finish can produce defined yet natural-looking results. Use swift feather-like strokes to fill in sparse areas.

A good brow gel can make brows appear fuller and naturally defined. It takes some practice to figure how much product you need, but once you get the hang of it, brow gels are incredibly easy to work with.

Brow creams or pomades are ideal for taming wild brow hairs while filling them in at the same time. They can go on heavy so apply slowly. Use with an angled brush for easy application.