Detox, Cavitation, Vacuum therapy & RF Treatments

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We offer everything a women needs to stay beautiful confident and glamours . We offer beauty services from eyelash extensions to overall body-care  to flawless skin treatments to keep your image ahead of the curve. We believe women are at their best when given the pieces to stay and remain confident in their own skin. We offer non-invasive beauty treatments with an array of services. Also we shapewear to help you look amazing in the’ lbd’ you know that Little black dress!

Detoxification is important because it strengthens the body’s immune system and helps the body’s biochemical processes function efficiently so that we are better able to digest the nutrients in our foods. Contact me NOW!.

How it works!

This shows the process of targeting fat cells

Packages can be customized for Body Treatments


non-invasive fat reduction treatment that usesultrasound to reduce fat cells

Belly, arms, thighs

target areas of your choice


combo/add RF

skin tightening after cavi treatment


Radio frequency

skin tightening aesthetic technique that uses RF energy to heat tissue and stimulate subdermal collagen production to reduce appearance of fine lines and loose skin

Body and Facial

40 min


BVacumm therapy

Buttocks enhancements 60 min


Cellulite Reduction

1 session $120 purchase 3 recieve $60 off

Detox Sauna


Vibration Therapy

workout without getting winded or sweaty

Detox Sauna

sweat, release toxins, relieves aches and pains


Detox Sauna


add a wrap

target arms or belly


About SMP

Our talented stylist specializes in short and sassy, edgy haircuts to long and luxurious added lengths. Healthy hair is top priority for her because healthy hair is the foundation for great style.

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